I’ve got “GIVEN” covered.

Just a quick post because I’ve been silent for a while.

I’ve spent the past week meticulously encoding my finished manuscript into Kindle format by hand using XTML and such like.  I’ve chosen the long-winded and complicated method of converting my Word document to Mobi format (in preference to using an automated method or pre-built template) because it gives me complete control over how the finished Kindle novel will look.  I want my readers to have the best-looking, best-formatted ebook I can possibly create, and no short-cuts will suffice!

My work on GIVEN – A Very Personal Apocalypse is very nearly complete…

Thinking ahead; the paperback version’s covers are pretty much finalised too.  I wanted to create a retro-cinematic-poster look for the book (it’s relevent to the narrative) and so studied the work of Saul Bass, the artist who created so many cool one-sheets in the 1960s for Alfred Hitchcock and others.  I’ve also grunged-up the finished work with simulated off-key colour printing, creases and patina.

GIVEN will be published exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle for a period of 90 days, thereafter it will be given full release across other digital platforms and in paperback format.

Publication, God willing, should be later this week!  I’ll be broadcasting the publication date – as soon as I know it – here, on Twitter, at www.given.ws and across every other site I can think of.


Product details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 850 KB
  • Print Length: 137,000+ word count
  • Publisher: Pipet (Mar 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: yet to be assigned

6 thoughts on “I’ve got “GIVEN” covered.

  1. *Joy!*

    Keep me posted, M-H. You know I’ll help promote however I’m able. Maybe you’d consider running a tiny sample as a post on baaaaa.com?

    here for you,


    • Thank you, C!
      Your encouragement and support has been invaluable and very much appreciated throughout the creative process.
      I’d be happy to make submit a chunk for baaaa.com – one of the less ‘salty’-worded chapters, of course!🙂
      GBY! M-H

    • Thanks, Lu.
      I hope the finished work doesn’t disappoint. As I code up the prose for Kindle I’m staggered by how big the book is! A generous read for you this summer… and there’s even a mention of bees in there somewhere!🙂

    • Thanks you, Helen!
      It’s exciting, but also a little daunting. As I said to you fine and upstanding husband a few weeks ago; in this book I bare my soul and absolutely strip myself of any hard-won dignity I’ve ever possessed… I come out of it looking like a absolute ass!
      But – it’s the first part of a longer journey and I hope that the closing chapters exhalt Father, Son and Holy Spirit as I stop struggling and begin to listen to His gentle voice.
      God bless you.

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